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Staff of the Max Planck Institute

Dr. Fabian Winter

[Dr. Fabian Winter]

Dr. Fabian Winter

Research Associate
Max Planck Institute of Economics,
Minerva Group
Kahlaische Straße 10
D-07745 Jena
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In 2002, I started my academic education at Hamburg University, where I studied Sociology as major and economics, political sciences and social- and economic history as minors. I went to Leipzig University in 2003 and changed my minor subjects to Philosophy and Logic & Philosophy of Science. From 2009 to 2011, I have been part of the IMPRS Uncertainty, where I did my PhD with a work on normative conflicts. I was a research Fellow at the MPI Minerva Group with Vittoria Levati, and since July 2012, I am a Research Associate in the ESI Group.

You will find my CV here.

Research Interests

Though I have my educational training mainly in Sociology, I consider myself more a social scientist in a broader sense, with strong interests in Economics, Social Psychology, Philosophy and Political Science. My research interest include, among others, the relations between social norms and conflicts, the emergence of trust, signaling theory, network theory, or the wisdom of the crowds. I am interested in applying game theory to develop experiments and to utilize the data to build stronger, more appropriate models of human interaction.


Publications in peer-reviewed journals:
  1. A Sociological Perspective on Measuring Social Norms by Means of Strategy Method Experiments, Social Science Research, 2010, 39, 1181 - 1194 (together with H. Rauhut) bibtex
  2. How norms can generate conflict: An experiment on the failure of cooperative micro-motives on the macro-level, Social Forces, 90(3) 919-948 (together with H. Rauhut and D. Helbing) bibtex

    This paper won the Anatol-Rapoport Prize of the German Sociological Association's section "Modeling and Simulation" (DGS ModSim). The prize-winning version can be found here

  3. Third Party Assessments in Trust Problems with Conflict of Interest: An Experiment on the Effects of Promises, 2013, Economics Letters, 120(1) 53-56, (together with Mitesh Kataria)
  4. Asymmetric incentives hinder the emergence of norms in the Battle of the Prisoner's Dilemma (forthcoming, Journal of Mathematical Sociology)
Contributions to edited books:
  1. On the Validity of Laboratory Research in the Political and Social Sciences. The Example of Crime and Punishment. In: Bernhard Kittel, Wolfgang Luhan and Rebecca Morton (eds.): Experimental Political Science. Practice and Principles. Palgrave Research Methods Series, forthcoming (with Heiko Rauhut)
Working Papers:
  1. The emergence of norms from conflicts over just distributions (with Luis Miller and Heiko Rauhut) bibtex
  2. A flexible z-Tree implementation of the Social Value Orientation Slider Measure (together with Paolo Crosetto and Ori Weisel)
  3. Sorting via Screening versus Signaling - A Theoretical and Experimental Comparison (submitted, together with Werner Güth)
  4. You are who your Friends are -- An Experimental Study on Trust and Homophily in Endogenous Friendship Networks (together with Mitesh Kataria)

Work in Progress


2012 (Summer Term) Applied Decision Theory, Bayreuth University
(B.A.-Level) (download Syllabus)
(download material, zip)
2012 (Summer) Experimental Methods, ICPSR Summer School, Ljubljana (PhD-level)
2012 (Summer) Supervisor Group Assignment: Experimental Methods, PhD Level (IMPRS Uncertainty Summerschool 2012, Jena (PhD-level))
2013 (Winter) An Introduction to Experimental Economics with zTree, PhD Level (IMPRS Uncertainty, Jena (PhD-level))
2013 (Summer) Supervisor Group Assignment: Experimental Methods, PhD Level (IMPRS Uncertainty Summerschool 2013, Jena (PhD-level))
2013 (Summer) Communicating Science with Graphics, IMPRS Uncertainty Summer School, Jena (PhD-level)

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