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Max Planck Institute of Economics
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Please note that the Max Planck Institute for Economics is no longer in
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Staff of the Max Planck Institute

David Hugh-Jones, Ph.D.

[David Hugh-Jones, Ph.D.]

David Hugh-Jones, Ph.D.

Research Associate
Max Planck Institute of Economics,
Strategic Interaction Group
Kahlaische Straße 10
D-07745 Jena
This page is not maintained anymore since October 2010.
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September 2003-December 2008: PhD student at Essex University Department of Government.
July-August 2008: visiting research fellow at Wissenschaftzentrum Berlin.
October 2008-October 2010: postdoctoral fellow at the Max Planck Institute of Economics in Jena.


PhD in Government, University of Essex. Expected December 2008.
Masters in Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences, Northwestern University. July 2007.
MPhil in Political Theory and Intellectual History, Cambridge University, July 2000.
BA (Hons) First Class in Social and Political Sciences, Cambridge University, July 1998.


Papers on Direct Democratic Institutions. Supervisor: Hugh Ward. Advisory Board: Hugh Ward, Anthony McGann, Thomas Plümper. External Examiner: David Myatt.
Abstract: Using formal models and empirical data, I examine how direct and representative democracies interact.


Conference Papers

Conference Papers

Academic Service

Research Work


Workshops and Summer Schools

Courses Taken

Northwestern: Static Optimization, Dynamic Optimization, Microeconomics (2 quarters), Real Analysis (3 quarters), Political Economy (3 quarters), Game Theory. Independent study with David Austen-Smith (political economy of dictatorship and migration).

Essex: Political Explanation, Contemporary Political Theory. Audited: Game Theory, Mathematical Analysis, Statistics.

Fellowships and Awards

Prizes and Honors

Interests for future research

Statistics and Software Packages

R, Stata, Maple, Mathematica, Maxima, SPSS, Python, Perl, PHP et cetera.


Native English. Good French and German. Some Italian, Portuguese and Hindi. Latin and Ancient Greek.

Other interests

Agent-based modelling: I submitted one of the top ten strategies for the Tournament of Party Strategies held by James Fowler and Michael Laver at APSA 2006, and have evolved viable new strategies using genetic programming (not the better-known genetic algorithm approach).
I sing bass and occasionally write poetry.

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