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Max-Planck-Institut für Ökonomik

Max Planck Institute of Economics

Staff of the Max Planck Institute

Prof. Dr. Werner Güth

[Prof. Dr. Werner Güth]

Prof. Dr. Werner Güth

Director Strategic Interaction Group
Max Planck Institute of Economics,
Strategic Interaction Group
Kahlaische Straße 10
D-07745 Jena
phone: +49 - 3641 - 686 620
fax: +49 - 3641 - 686 623

Curriculum Vitae

Werner Güth has studied economics at the University of Münster (1965 - 1970) where he finished his doctoral dissertation (1972) and habilitation (1976). He was professor for economic theory of the University of Cologne (1977 - 1986), the University of Frankfurt (Main) (1986 - 1994) and Humboldt-University of Berlin (1994 - 2001) before becoming the director of the Strategic Interaction Group in 2001. His main research topics are game theory, experimental economics and microeconomics. He considers himself more as a social scientist with strong interests in psychology, philosophy, (evolutionary) biology and the political sciences.


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